Kyle Christie Height

Kyle Christie Height

How tall is Kyle Christie?

Wondering, how tall is Kyle Christie from Geordie Shore? Kyle is above average height for a U.K. male he stands at 6 foot and 0 inches tall (183cm).

Club promoter Kyle, from South Shields is the perfect new housemate addition. He already lives the Geordie Shore lifestyle, spending his days hitting the gym making sure that he is perfectly for his next big night out.

Still just interested in, Kyle Christie’s height? He is 6’0”tall.

Kyle Christie Height Comparison

Check out Kyle standing next to James Tindale, he is about 3 inches taller than average height male James. Making him a nice even 6 feet tall.

Kylie Christie Height


  1. woaahhh look at that height. he outshines the most LOL! i envy his height though i wish i was a bit taller than him coz im only 5’7″ HAHAHAHA!

  2. His Dad he is 6 ft 4″

  3. Kyle is at least as tall as Scott, he stands very cozy on the pic beside james.

  4. 6 foot seems about right for his height. He has a few inches on Gary. Clearly a tall guy.

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