Kristen Stewart Height

how tall is kristen stewartHow tall is Kristen Stewart?

The L.A. born beauty, famous for her role in the Twilight Saga, stands at 5’5” (165cm).


Kristen Jaymes Stewart was born in 1990 on April 9th. Ever since Kristen Stewart played the role of Jodie Foster daughter in the blockbuster “Panic Room” her life was occupied by the movie industry. She was a very busy kid, putting as many as 3 films per year.

Kristen was cast as “Bella” in the Twilight series. While in the process of filming the movie “Adventureland”, Stewart was visited by Catherine Hardwicke – a famous film producer. She did a small rehearsal and was amazed by the young actress. In the actual vampire driven series Stewart plays together with Robert Pattinson. His character the emotionless Cullen is madly in love with Kristen character – Bella.

In 2011, Kristen was announced be the main character in the “Snow White and the Huntsman” production. For more on her movie roles check out her IMDB page here.

Still concerned about how tall is Kristen Stewart? Let me tell you something, I really like her just the way she is.

Kristen Stewart height is 5’5″(165cm)

Kristen Stewart Height Comparison

Kristen next to 6’1” Robert Pattinson. It is clear here that she is shorter by more than 6 inches. How tall is Kristen Stewart? Kristen is average height for a female.

how tall is kristen stewart

Here is Kristen with 5 foot 10 inch Taylor Lautner, as we can see he is 5 inches taller. Both are wearing similar shoes.

how tall is kristen stewart height


  1. information says right..! ahahaha indeed he is 5’5″ coz taylor is around 6 feet plus. well not bad coz its already a height of a average woman. shes not a model or something shes just a popular actress on twilight. i wouldn’t say its a bad height but just right LOL!

  2. 5’5 to 5’6 people. She said it herself! lmao. Also she seems to be that tall. After all that height it average. So she can be. Kristen is not short.

  3. 5’6. She said it herself. Now all we need is people to deal with it.

  4. Barely 5’4″. Can look 5’3″ or a bit shorter when she slouches.

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