Kit Harington Height

Kit Harington HeightHow tall is Kit Harington?

Wondering, how tall is Kit Harington? Christopher Catesby “Kit” Harington is an English actor who rose to fame playing the role of Jon Snow, a main character in the series Game of Thrones. Kit is surprisingly short and stands at just 5 feet 7  inches tall (170cm). Kit Harington height is below average for a male.

Early Life and Career:

Kit Harington was born in London England. Harington originally wanted a career in journalism, but later while he was still in school laned a role in the adaption of War horse. Harington landed his first television role as Jon Snow, in the hit novel series Game of Thrones.  The show debuted in 2011, to great critical acclaim. In 2014 Kit landed the lead in Pompeii.

Still just interested in, how tall is Kit Harington? He stands at 5 feet 7 inches or 170cm in height. 

Kit Harington Height Comparison

Here is Kit Harington with 5 foot 8 Sophie Turner, she is quite a bit taller with her heels on and the blonde.

Kit Harington height

Here is Kit with 5 foot 11 inch co-star Richard Madden. As we can see Kit is a fair bit shorter.

Kit Harington short height


  1. I saw him once, and to be honest he’s around 5’7 – 5’6 tops. Definitely not 5’9

  2. Sat close to him on a transatlantic flight, I’m exactely 5′ 9 and we were the same height. Neither one wearing any shoes.

  3. 168cm is my guess

  4. I dunno, I think this guy looks an honest 5 ft 8 at some angles. But 5 ft 7 seems to be a fair height guess.

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