Katt Williams Height

how tall is katt williamsHow tall is Katt Williams?

Interested in, how tall is Katt Williams? The Cincinnati born comedian, mostly known for his character – “Money Mike” is 5 feet and 5 inches tall.


Katt Williams was given birth to on Sept. the 2nd, 1971 in the state of Ohio, Cincinnati and brought up in the city of Dayton. His father was an ex member of the revolutionary organization The Back Panthers. He is recognized for being a part of Nick Cannon’s Improv show which aired on the MTV channel, for acting as the imaginary figure Bobby Shaw televised on the series “My Wife and Kids”. Another thing that Katt did was to provide the voice used for the animated character A Pimp Named Slickback.


Katt started off as a comic in his neighbourhood – Avondale, and especially after showing up on Comic’s View hosted on the BET network. Williams has additionally performed supporting characters wide screen productions like Norbit and First Sunday. Katt Williams also uses Money MIke as a stage name while rapping for tracks produced by musicians as The Game, Suga Free and others.

Katt Williams height is 5’5″(165cm)

Katt Williams Height Comparison

Here you can see Katt standing behind Mike Tyson. Mike is 5’10” tall and Katt is clearly significantly shorter than that. How tall is Katt Williams? Katt is below average height.

how tall is katt williams

Here is Katt Williams again, as we can see he is quite short. Tamala Jones is 5’2” tall and with heels on she is the same height as Katt.

Katt Williams Height


  1. nahh i would bet 5’4″ for this guy. tamala jones is indeed 5’3″ and seeing on the picture she just wear a 1 inch heels LOL he may be short but he is funny as hell! good guy with a good comedic roles and i don’t even mind that he is short though LOL

  2. I think he is more like 5 foot 3. He is a really short guy and most average height women are still much taller than him.

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