Katie Holmes Height

katie holmes heightHow tall is Katie Holmes?

This beautiful actress stands at 5’9” tall (175cm).

Katie Holmes was born 18/12/1978 in Ohio. She landed her first role as Joey Potter in the drama Dawsons’s Creek, which ran from 1998 to 2003. Following her TV success she landed film roles in several big films. Katie become one of the most publicist celebrities after her marriage and then break up from action star Tom Cruise. She and Tom have a baby girl, Suri, born April 2006.¬†Cruise and Holmes announced that they would be splitting after five years of marriage.

Katie Holmes Height Comparison

Katie Holmes is a few inches taller than her ex Tom Cruise. Tom stands at just 5’7” tall.

how tall is katie holmes

Katie looks extra tall here. Daniel Radcliffe stands at only 5’5” tall and Katie has 4¬†inches on him plus heels.

katie holmes height


  1. truly a tall girl and any guy had a crush on her LOL shes 5’9″ barefooted and 6’1″ when wearing high heels. much of the guys can’t even stand tall next to HER!

  2. She’s same height as Jamie Foxx , who is …5’9 too so that seems correct

  3. At least 175. I’d think maybe 174 given what she said, but given how she’s taller than ex Tom, she probably slouched or downgraded herself just for him. :).

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