Justin Bieber Height

Justin Bieber height

How tall is Justin Bieber?

How tall is Justin Bieber? this popular singers stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall (170cm). Justin Bieber’s height is slightly below average for a male.

Justin Bieber was born on 1st of March 1994 in Canada. Justin Bieber was discovered by marketing executive Scooter Braun, who saw his videos on Youtube. He was soon signed by the group called Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG). The famous musician Usher helped Justin to be later signed by Island records in 2008. Braun then became Justin’s manager.

He gained international fame when he released his first studio album “My World 2.0” in 2010. His debut album, “My World 2.0” was number one in several countries and sold to platinum certification in the United States.

Jusin is ranked as the second best paid celebrity under 30 in the Forbes list. He is the youngest star in the list who has earned $53 million in a period of 12 months.

Sill just interested in, how tall is Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber’s height is 5’7″(170cm)

Justin Bieber Height Comparison

Here we have Justin with 5’5” Selena Gomez. She is slightly shorter than Justin, however with her heels on she is taller in this photo.

how tall is justin bieber

Here we have Justin with friend and mentor, Usher. Usher stands at 5’9” tall as we can see he has a few inches on Justin.

Justin Bieber Height

Here is Justin Bieber barefoot next to 5’10” (178cm) model Lara Stone. Being a fashion model Lara’s heigth is known and confirmed. Lara has 5 inch heels on, however, we can see that she is much taller than Justin. This destroys the idea that Justin is 5’9” as quoted on many websites. In reality Justin is just 5’7” tall

Justin Bieber Height Barefoot

Here is Justin Bieber with 5 foot 7 inch Floyd Mayweather. As a professional fighter Floyd’s height is carefully measured so we can be assured he is infact 5 foot 7. Justin is the exact same height.

Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber height


  1. beiber actually wears lifts in his shoes along with always having a heel thats at least a few inches. he’s probably around 5’3 5’4 barefoot

  2. i like that idea and yet sadly its true LOL! he is skinny as ever and short too. most people say he is just 5’6″ overall. a douche bag with a short height and a bit JERK!

  3. Hi, update justin bieber 1,68cm – Usher Update google 1,71cm?

  4. 5’7 is short, but not much under average really. It’s certainly not “very short”, and given his mother’s height especially he is lucky he reached this! Bieber gives off a small impression with his puny build and baggy clothes.

  5. Bieber obviously wears 2-3 inch lifts in public to help with his height

  6. I’m pretty sure the last thing on Bieber’s mind is his height, given that a portion of the West’s population have hated him for half a decade, though a lot of it was deserving. That said he has worn thick shoes, but I doubt they’d be much over 1.5 inches thick. Maybe 1.75 at times.

  7. He has custom made footwear to support his lies.

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