Josh Hutcherson Height

How tall is josh hutchersonHow tall is Josh Hutcherson?

This Hunger Games star is below average height for a male, standing at only 5 foot 5 inches tall or 165cm


Josh was born 12 October in 1992 in Kentucky. Josh is the oldest sibling in his family with only one younger brother. Josh has only recently been an actor to be noticed following the success  of “The Hunger Games,” which came out in 2012. Where he played the love interest of the leading lady.  He is currently set to appear in the remainder of the films in the “Hunger Games” series. Josh has a pet Pit bull called Driver, which he adopted from Paws and Hearts, a rescue organization. Josh always wanted to be an actor. He has said he knew this since he was 4 years old, however it wasn’t until Josh was 9 that he was aloud to audition for films.

Dating Life: Despite Josh Hutchersons short stature he has dated some of Hollywood’s hottest young stars, his list of ex-girlfriends includes: Vanessa Hudgens, Ariana Grande any many more.

Still just wondering, how tall is Josh Hutcherson? He is 5 foot 5 inches or 165cm tall. 

Josh Hutcherson Height Comparison

5 foot 5 Josh next to 6 foot 3 Liam Hensworth. Here we can see a nearly a foot difference in height between the two guys.

Josh Hutcherson Height

Josh Hutcherson next to his Co-Star Jennifer Lawrence who is 5 foot 7.5 or 172cm. Both in flat shoes, it is clear here that he is two inch shorter. Josh is below average height for an American male.

how tall is Josh Hutcherson really


  1. 5 foot 5 and a quarter, like Marshall Allman and perhaps Elijah Wood. I can see him beating Daniel Radcliffe in a stare down who is probably a little under 5ft 5.

  2. Did he stand on a box during the filming of the Hunger Games?

  3. Let me make this clear, people… “Tall” is overrated.
    He’s probably less than 5’7″, and so what?! It shouldn’t “bug” him, since he’s the more handsome guy! Height is irrelevant… BUT SHORT PEOPLE RULE!!!

  4. His height looks about 5ft 4 to me.

  5. Wow… I had no idea he was so short. Next to Liam he just looks like a kid. Thanks for the post.

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