Joseph Gordon Levitt Height

Joseph Gordon Levitt HeightHow tall is Joseph Gordon Levitt?

He stands at 5’9” tall or 175cm in height.  Joseph started as a child actor in 3rd Rock From the Sun; However, this actor has matured and made his move onto some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.

Early Life and Career:

Joseph Gordon Levitt was born 17 February 1981. After his successful childhood career Joseph took a break from acting to study and attend university. In 2008 he moved back to the big screen with 500 Days of Summer, which become a cult hit and then Christopher Nolan’s 2011 hit Inception. After the success of these movies he starred along side Christian Bale  in The Dark Knight Rises. He has since starred in 50/50 as a young man who has to deal with cancer. Joseph is one young actor that Hollywood cannot get enough of.

Still just interested in how tall is Joseph Gordon-Levitt? He is 5’9” tall or 175cm.

Joseph Gordon Levitt Height Comparison

Here is Joseph with Christian Bale, Christian is just under 6 feet tall in height and as we can see he is 2-3 inches taller than Joseph. Both have similar shoes on.


  1. yeah indeed average for american guys. but for us asians its already tall LOL not only that he already as near as 6 feet. well christian bale is obvious that he is more than 6 feet. but still not a bad height though LOL!

  2. Yeah, the more I see of him in photos, the more it seems 5’9″ is a top that he can measure…in fact, he often seems somewhere a bit under.

  3. 5 foot 9 for him. Just an average height for a man.

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