Jonah Hill Height

Jonah Hill HeightHow tall is Jonah Hill?

This comedy superstar is below average in height, he stands at just 5 foot 6 (168cm). Jonah got his big break in comedy hit Superbad (2007), which put Jonah on the map as a comedy genius. In 2011 Jonah starred along side Brad Pitt in Moneyball, proving he is more than just a comedy star, Jonah received an Oscar nomination for his performance.

Early Life and Career:

Jonah Hill Feldstein was born 20 December 1983 in Los Angeles. Jonah’s first move was I Heart Huckabees (2004). Following this he landed minor parts in some high-profile films which included The 40-Year Old Virgin and a supporting role in Knocked up. In 2007 Jonah got his big break into the mainstream with Superbad. He was nominated for a Teen Choice Award and then ranked as one of Entertainment Weekly’s
30 under 30 to watch. Jonah received an Oscar nomination for his role in Moneyball for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. He has since starred in 21 Jump Street, along with Channing Tatum.

Still just interested in how tall is Jonah Hill? He is 5’6” tall or 168cm.

Jonah Hill Height Comparison

Here is Jonah with 5 foot 11 inch Brad Pitt. As we can see Brad is 5 inches taller than Jonah. Both stars are wearing flat shoes here.

Jonah hill height

Here is Jonah with 5 foot 7 inch Ben Stiller and 6 foot 5 inch Vince Vaughn. As we can see Jonah is shorter than Ben by an inch or so and he is a foot shorter than Vince, who is a very tall guy.

Jonah hill short height tall


  1. Seeing the photo with Pitt, i would say his height is 5’5″ min 5’4″ max 5’6″

  2. He’s definitely on the higher end of being short height. 5’6″ seems right. I don’t see him as low as 5’5″.

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