Johnny Galecki Height

Johnny Galecki heightHow tall is Johnny Galecki?

This American actor stands at only 5’5” tall (165cm).

Early Life and Career:

Johnny Galecki (John Mark Galecki) was born in 30th April 1975 in Belgium were his father was stationed serving in the US Air Force. At 3 the family moved to Chicago where he grew up.  When Johnny was only 16, his father died in an accident. In 1989 he was cast in his first movie, a holiday film called Prancer in (1989), but his big break was in another Christmas movie as Chevy Chase’s son Rusty Griswold, in Christmas Vacation 1989.

In 2007 Galecki landed his the role he is most know for as Lenard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory. Galecki is a self proclaimed nerd at heart and has gained international stardum following the success of this TV show.

Still just interested in, how tall is Johnny Galecki? He stands at 5’5” tall or 165cm in height. 

Johnny Galecki Height Comparison

Here is the cast of The Big Bang Theory. As we can see Johnny Galecki is the shortest cast member at only 5’5” tall

Here is Johnny with Neil Patrick Harris, Neil stands at 5’11” tall or 182cm. As we can see Johnny is far shorter.

Johnny Galecki real height


  1. ahahahha i seen that episode LOL! its like they made a mockery out of him AHAHAHA! indeed short, he’d wish that he is even taller even a bit like 4 inches AHAHAHA!

  2. Penny makes fun of Leonard in an episode when he claims 5’6” So he is less than even that height.

  3. Yes 5ft5 no more.

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