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joe manganiello HeightJoe Manganiello Bio

Joseph Michael “Joe” Manganiello, born on 28 December 1976 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is an American actor, director, producer, author and philanthropist. He is best known for his role as werewolf Alcide Herveaux on the television series True Blood (2010–2014).

At the start of his career, Joe Manganiello performed in theater productions and wrote, produced and acted in a student short film, Out of Courage 2: Out for Vengeance (2002), while studying at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. After graduating, he made his feature film debut 2002 in Spider-Man.

After appearing in episodes of various television series since 2006, and landing recurring roles in television on How I Met Your Mother, ER and One Tree Hill, Joe Manganiello was cast in his breakout role in the third season of True Blood. In 2013 he published his first book, Evolution.

Joe Manganiello Personal Details

  • Born Name: Joseph Michael Manganiello
  • Age (in 2017): 41
  • Date of Birth: December 28, 1976
  • Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Net worth: 16 Million
  • Official Website:
  • Official Twitter: @JoeManganiello

Joe Manganiello Family Tree

  • Wife name: Sofia Vergara
  • Children:
    • No children
  • Father name: Charles John Manganiello
  • Mother name: Susan Manganiello (née Brachanow)
  • Siblings:
    • Brother: Nicholas Manganiello
  • Others:
    • Mother-in-Law name: Margarita Vergara Dávila de Vergara
    • Father-in-Law name: Julio Enrique Vergara Robayo
    • Brother-in-Law name: Rafael Vergara
    • Brother-in-Law name: Julio Vergara
    • Sister-in-Law name: Sandra Vergara
    • Sister-in-Law name: Veronica Vergara

Joe Manganiello Relationship History

Below is the relationship and dating history for Joe Manganiello with his past and current girlfriend details.

Joe Manganiello dated:

  • Audra Marie (February 2009-2011) – Joe Manganiello dated Audra Marie. The couple was engaged in October 2010 but later ended their engagement.
  • Tenley Dene (September 2012-2012) – Joe Manganiello dated Tenley Dene.
  • Bridget Peters (January 2013-March 2014) – Joe Manganiello dated Bridget Peters.
  • Sofia Vergara (June 2014-PRESENT) – Joe Manganiello married Colombian actress Sofia Vergara on 21 November 2015 in Palm Beach, Florida, after the couple was engaged on 25 December 2014.

Joe Manganiello Body Measurements, Weight Loss, Diet and Exercise Routine

joe manganiello Net Worth

Joe Manganiello Body Measurements

  • Height in Feet: 6′ 5″
  • Height in Centimeters: 196 cm
  • Weight in Pounds: – pounds
  • Weight in Kilogram: – kg


Joe Manganiello’s follows a high-protein, low-carb, zero sugar diet. He builds his meals around lean cuts of chicken and vegetables. Each week he allows himself one cheat meal, usually over the weekends. In addition to his meals, he takes supplements.

Meal Plan

  • Early morning: Granola with Greek yogurt and no sweeteners. A glass of water and standard whey protein.
  • After workout: Protein drink.
  • Breakfast: Omelet (egg white) with peppers and ham. Fruits and black coffee (with Splenda)
  • Lunch: Oven roasted chicken breasts, green beans and corn. Six baked buffalo chicken wings.
  • Dinner: Salmon with leafy green vegetables. A cup of coffee.

Weight Loss

To get into shape for his role in True Blood, Joe Manganiello recruited a personal trainer. After working out with the trainer for three months, he lost 12 pounds (5 kg) and lowered his body weight to 8%.

Workout Routine

Joe Manganiello’s workout revolves around bodybuilding techniques and includes the bench press, overhead press and triceps push-down. He warms up slowly on the bench, and works up to the heaviest load he can handle for two reps, then he backs off the weight for higher reps to get a pump. He then alternates exercises for different muscle groups – focusing on the muscle tips instead of the bulkier parts of the muscle. His workout routine with his personal trainer involves a mix of high-rep, low-weight workouts and a lot of cardio.

Exercise Routine

He works out six days a week. After starting out with light workout routines early in the morning (on an empty stomach), he follows up with a higher intensity workout in the afternoon.

Personal Trainer

Ron Matthews

Joe Manganiello Fun Facts

Joe Manganiello Quotes

“Acting was the only place that I ever felt like I belonged so went for it with everything I had.”

“Well, if I hadn’t have been an actor I would have gone on to play college sports.”

“I grew up a big comic book reader, as a kid, and I love the whole fanboy crowd.”

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