Jet Li Height

Jet Li HeightHow tall is Jet Li?

He is actually only 165cm or 5 foot 5 inches tall. First known for as a Chinese martial arts star, Li is now a Hollywood star, portraying critical solo roles and co-starring with top American action stars like Sylvester Stallone and Chinese/Hollywood action superstar, Jackie Chan.

Early Life:

Jet Li was born and raised in Beijing China with his two elder sisters and brother. They survived his father when he turned 2, which caused the family to struggle in life. His talent in Wushu was discovered at his school’s summer course at the age of 8. He was then drafted for the Beiking Wushu Team where he would meet his first wife and be trained by renowned coaches Wu Bin and Li Junfeng. Wu Bin often bought Li’s family’s food because they couldn’t afford meat, which is necessity for the young Jet Li’s training. In return, Jet Li won 15 gold medals and silver for the team. He did this by competing with adults.


Jet Li was born on April 26, 1963 with a Chinese name Li Lianjie in Beijing, China. He was a Wushu champion who trained intensively under Wu Bin for the Beijing Wushu Team. He retired at the age of 19 to pursue acting and debut on the 1982 Shaolin Temple. This led to many more starring roles especially in epic Chinese films. The most notable though is his portrayal as the Chinese folk hero Wong Fei-hung on Once Upon in China. In 1998, he marked his star in Hollywood with his 2000 film, Romeo Must Die. From there, he co-starred with Jackie Chan in 2008 The Forbidden Kingdom and Brendan Fraser’s The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor as a villain. His latest Hollywood film is The Expendables.

Jet Li has two kids, Si and Taimi, with his former wife, Huang Quiyan. They married in 1987 after years of shared membership in the Beijing Wushu Team and co-starring in Kids from Shaolin. They divorced in 1990 and in 1999, Jet Li married Li Zhi whose professional name is Nina Li Chi. They also have two daughters, Jane and Jada.

Still just interested in how tall is Jet Li? He stands at just 5 foot 5 inches in height or 165cm.

Jet Li Height Height Comparison

Here is Jet Li with 5 foot 8 inch Jackie Chan. As we can see Jackie is at least 3 inches taller.

Jet Li Height

Here is Jet Li with fellow star Brendan Fraser, Brendan is 6 foot 3 inches and looks just about a foot taller here.

Jet Li short Height


  1. Jet li is only 5’3″ and jackie chan is 5’6″ period! no more fooling around LOL just see expendables. arnold is a 6 foot guy and he is just tall on arnold’s chest LOL but he may be small but he had a good body weight too. thats why he can perform martial arts. shorty is really fierce LOL!

  2. Yeah 5’5” or less. More realistic height for this guy he is super short.

  3. JET LI IS 5’6″ AND JACKY CHAN IS 5’8″

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