Jessica Simpson Height

how tall is jessica simpsonHow tall is Jessica Simpson?

This gorgeous American singer/actress stands at only 5 foot 3 inches tall or (160cm).

Early Life and Career:

Jessica Ann Simpson was born 10 July 1980. She was born in Texas. She began singing at the local Baptist church choir. She was discovered by a small music label while performing in a church camp. Unfortunately fame was not as easy to come by for Jessica as some, as she failed to make The Mickey Mouse Club at age 12. Jessica eventually signed with Sony Records and released her first album, Sweet Kisses in 1999. Jessica’s big break come in 2003 when she got a reality TV show with then husband Nick Lachev called Newlyweds. This quickly gave her a large fan base.

After marrying Nick from 98 Degrees, the show Newlyweds took off. Boosted by the new found fame Jessica’s singing career took of with her third album ‘In This Skin’ which was released in 2004. Jessica took her first acting role in Dukes of Hazard in 2005, where she played cousin Daisy Duke.  This is notably her most memorable film moment, Jessica got into fantastic shape. Her all-American girl looks made her a household name. She next appeared in the comedy Employee of the Month in 2006

Jessica returned to her love of music with Do You Know released in 2008.

In more recent years, Jessicas singing and acting career has taken a backseat to her fashion line. Jessica has a fashion empire that has generated over $750million in sales in 2010, selling all things from shoes, tops, accessories and perfumes.

Still just interested in how tall is Jessica Simpson? Jessica Simpson Height is 5’3” or 160cm.

Jessica Simpson Height Comparison

5’3” Jessica standing next to finance Eric Johnson – Eric is 6’3” tall and is clearly a foot taller than Petite Jessica.

how tall is jessica simpson

Here is pregnant Jessica, as we can see with out the aid of heels or film angles she is clearly a short lady.

how tall is jessica simpson


  1. short and terrible ahahaha she never gets any taller ever since she was young and yet she still maintained that height LOL! still beautiful and gorgeous but distracted to that HEIGHT!

  2. i thought she would be like 5’2″ or something barefooted and yet shes 5’3″ maybe with a good set of footwear . on her 2nd picture that she was pregnant she really gained weight a lot and still looks short AHAHAHAH! but still a gorgeous celebrity though LOL!

  3. Weak 5′ 2″. Her 6′ 2″ Eric had a foot on her in similar footwear a few days ago. Needs those heels or she looks tiny.

  4. I don’t think shes even 5’2.5 ….id say 5’2. beautiful lady though.

  5. I’ve seen her in person and she seems about 5’3.

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