Jeremy Clarkson Height

Jeremy Clarkson HeightHow tall is Jeremy Clarkson?

This presenter is 6 foot and 4 inches tall or 194cm tall.

Early Life and Career:

Jeremy Clarkson was born on 11 April 1960, in Doncaster, England. He is a TV presenter, journalist and writer. Jeremy is best know for his role on BBC Top Gear, a car enthusiasts show where his sarcastic wit is loved. Top Gear kicked off in 1988, where Jeremy Clarkson was invited to be one of the presenters for the for the show. Despite a break of two years between 2000 and 2002, this has been one of the longest running motoring shows in history.  Top Gear has become one of the most watched TV shows on BBC and continued to please audiences by pushing the boundaries of what is possible in motor cars.

Still just interested in the height of Jeremy Clarkson? He stands at 6’4” tall or 194cm in height. 

Jeremy Clarkson Height Comparison

Here is the cast of Top gear, as we can see Jeremy Clarkson is the tallest by a fair bit. James May (Left) stands at just under 6 feet tall or 182cm. Richard Hammond, claims 5’7” as his height but we do believe he is slightly shorter, more likely in the 5’6” range.

Top Gear Height

Here is another photo of Jeremy, As we can see he towers over both Tom Cruise and Richard Hammond. Tom is 5’7” tall. Richard Hammond is known to claim he is 5’7” also. However Tom is much taller here, although Tom is known to use lifts in his shoes for a little help.

Jeremy Clarkson Real height


  1. Such remarkable height. tall guy with a good show too. i like how he drives cars and shows different cars with different speeds. how can even this giant drive a sports car LOL i remember the time he was inside an italian sports car and he had a hard time fitting inside due to his huge height LOL!

  2. really tall guy and i love his show top gear. i can’t imagine if how does he fit on a tuner car with a small compartment. almost as his head reaches the roof of the car HAHAHAHA tall indeed and AWESOME!

  3. hes tall no question. i even see him inside a sports car and he nearly reaches the roof of the car LOL even on his show top gear you could see that the sports car is just on his belly side, thats how tall he is, i even had the height of the car just on my chest level. its a testament that this guy is HUGE!

  4. this guy is tall and huge even i seen him on the top gear show when he stands next to the sports cars, i once stand next to a sports car like he did but he is wayyyy tall. check how he drives a bugatti AHAHAHA!

  5. i stood next to Jeremy Clarkson in Oslo a couple of years ago. I am a little over 6ft 2 and even with less footwear than me he was at least 2 inches taller than me. he is a big man with a terrible posture sometimes…

  6. In the express he said he was 6ft3 when describing a sofa big enough for a 6ft3 guy who likes to lie down a lot.

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