Jennifer Lopez Height

How tall is Jennifer LopezHow tall is Jennifer Lopez?

She stands at 5 feet and 4 inches tall or  163cm.

With eight music albums released so far and over thirty movie roles the Latin beauty is certainly amongst the most successful entertainers ever.

The South Central series was where Jennifer made her first début as an actor. The Latin beauty also featured in Hotel Malibu and Second Chances. 1996 was the year when Jennifer Lopez took part in the hilarious movie “Jack”. The lead role in the flick was played by the stand-up comic Robin Williams.

Jennifer Lopez’s 1st major break into fame arrived in 1997, the moment the talented performer was picked out to carry out the key act in the production “Selena”, a biography based on the life of the singer Selena, who was born in Tejano. The stunning performer featured in the scary movie Anaconda together with Jon Voight and Ice Cube. Besides becoming a moderate hit, the motion picture failed to receive good testimonials. After that Jennifer played as the lead actress in the production “U Turn” that is based upon the novel “Stray Dogs”.

Jennifer Lopez height is 5’4″(163cm)

Jennifer Lopez Height Comparison

Jennifer Lopez is slightly shorter than ex-boyfriend Casper Smart who is 5’5” or 165cm tall.

Height comparison

Here’s an old one. J Lo with ex P-Diddy. Diddy is just under 6 foot in height. J Lo is a fair bit shorter. How tall is Jennifer Lopez? We consider her to be slightly below average height for a female.

how tall is jennifer lopez


  1. She has never looked under 5’5″. I think you need to upgrade her height a bit…

  2. 5’4″ max. Check out her recent premiere pics with Rihanna she is much shorter.

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