Jennifer Aniston Height

how tall is jennifer anistonHow tall is Jennifer Aniston?

This Friends and actress stands at 5’5” or 165cm tall.

Early life and Career:

Jennifer Aniston was born in California on 11 Feb 1969. She had a few minor roles before landing the part of Rachel Green in the NBC sitcom Friends. This hugely popular series made her a star.

Jennifer road the Friends wagon for 10 years. She banked over $1 million per episode in the last three seasons of the show, which ended in 2004. Following this success she has moved to the big-screen. She stared along Jim Carrey in the film Bruce Almighty, along Ben Stiller in the comedy Along Came Polly. More recently she starred in Marley and Me with Owen Wilson in 2008. This set a record for the largest Christmas Day box office, proving Jennifer to be a great sales tool for movie producers.

Personal Life:

Jennifer Aniston married actor Brad Pitt in 2000, this made them the most watched Hollywood couple. They divorced in 2005, following speculation that Brad had an affair with long legged beauty Angelina Jolie. Jennifer then dated Vince Vaughn and John Mayer. In 2012, Jenifer announced and engagement to Justin Theroux, American actor. Jennifer met him on the filming of Wanderlust.

Still just wondering how tall is Jennifer Aniston? Her height is 5’5” tall. 

Jennifer Aniston Height Comparison

Here we have 5’5” Jennifer hugging fellow Friends star, Courtney Cox. Courtney’s height is said to be 5’5” also and as we can see the two ladies are very much the same height.

Jennifer Aniston Height

Here she is walking with Marley and Me co-star Owen Wilson. Owen is around 5’10” tall or 179cm. AS we can see Jennifer is clearly 5 inches shorter than him, confirming her height to be 5’5”

how tall is jennifer aniston


  1. She looks more than an inch shorter than 5 foot 5 Courtney Cox. 5 foot 4 would be a more accurate height for her.

  2. She’s 5’3″ maximum. I met her. She is tiny. My friend who is 5’5 was with me. Jen is 5’3 max. She’s 5’2-3″ and 110 pounds. Prettier in person.

  3. The length of her legs is short. I would say she’s about 5’2″, not even 5’3″. But she has lied many times about her height and claimed she was 5’6″ — No way !!!

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