Jay-Z Height

How tall is Jay-ZHow tall is Jay-Z?

He is 6’2” or 187cm tall. The New York born rapper happens to be amongst the most successful rap musicians and businessman of all time. He is a record producer, an occasional actor, has several clothing lines, co-owner of NBA’s “Brooklyn Nets” and more.

Jay-Z, Christian name Shawn Corey Carter, was born on 4th of December 1969 in New York, USA. He started rapping in his early childhood in the streets of Brooklyn.

Jay-Z earlier albums “Reasonable Doubt-1996” and “Blueprint 2001” earned him fame and were ranked in Rolling Stone Magazine’s as one of the best Albums of that time. Again in 2006, MTV ranked him as the greatest MCs of All-Time.

Jay Z, apart from being a well-known hip pop artist, has also enjoyed success in various businesses. He found a place amongst the ten most successful musicians of 2000’s. He is also the formal CEO of Def Jam Recordings, the creator of the line Rocawear. He has sold approximately 50 million albums, worldwide and won 13 Grammy awards and a number of nominations. For more on Jay-Z read his Wiki here.

How tall is Jay-Z? His height is 6’2″(187cm)

Jay-Z Height Comparison

At 6’2” Jay-Z towers over fellow rapper Eminem who is 5’8”. How tall is Jay-Z? Well above average height for a male.

how tall is jay-z

Here he is with 5’7” Beyonce, As we can see he is quite a bit taller than his wife.

How Tall Is Beyonce height


  1. Jay is 6′ flat, all those pics are with lifts.

  2. Jay is 5’11-6′ flat, he’s a lift wearer, Geno brutally destroys and even if jay z would be in a god posture, he could not have pulled anything over 5’11.5, plus he’s also shorter than Larry Johnson, he doesn’t tower Bill gates, who’s a very weak 5’9 now.

  3. Jay Z is about 5’11” or less we are about the same height. Saw him backstage awhile back.

  4. Why would a supposedly 6’2″ man be listed at 6’1″ in his mugshot profile?? They usually add up 1 inch. No chance this guy is over 6’1″, he wears lifts, simple as that.There can two reasons for his 6’1″ listing in mugshot profile- either he has a horrible posture which comes from his skinny fat physique or he wears lift which didn’t wear in those days.

  5. He makes Eminem look so short. lol

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