Jay Gardner Height

Jay Gardner HeightHow tall is Jay Gardner?

Wondering how tall is Jay Gardner from Geordie Shore? Jay is described as the ‘old silver back’ and also the ‘daddy’ of the house. Jay is also the tallest. Jay stands at 6’2” tall (188cm).

Since finding love Jay has left the Geordie Shore house, however you will see him visit on occasion in the more recent seasons of the show.

Tag Line: “My biggest fear is getting wrinkles.”

Jay Gardner Height Comparison

As we can see Jay is the tallest member of the cast by more than a few inches.

jay height geordie shore

Here is another shot of Jay, as we can see he is taller than Gary and James.

Jay Gardner Height

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  1. He is the tallest but not by much. I would think his height is 6 foot 1. 6 foot 2 with shoes on only.

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