James Tindale Height

James Tindale HeightHow tall is James Tindale?

How tall is James Tindale from Geordie Shore? James Tindale stands at 5 foot 8.5 inches tall (174cm). James is slightly below average height for a UK male.

James quote: “The hardest graft I’ve ever done is doing my hair.”

Still just wondering, how tall is James Tindale? He stands at 5’8.5” or 174cm tall.

James Tindale Height Comparison

Here is James with his girlfriend. James is just slightly taller than this brunette beauty.

how tall is james from geordie shore

James is just slightly shorter than Gary Beadle who stands at 5’9” tall.

james tindale height

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  1. Yes seems about right. Does explain why neither of them seems tall, nor (extremely) short. A slender build does make you seem taller at such a height. I believe it does for me, also at 174 cm 🙂

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