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james stewart weightJames Stewart Bio

James Maitland Stewart, born on 20 May 1908 in Indiana, Pennsylvania, was an American actor and military officer. He is known for the many classic films he starred in, where he often portrayed American middle-class men struggling in crisis.

James Stewart’s career in motion pictures, television and on stage spanned over 60 years. Along with many awards and nominations for acting, he also received ten Lifetime Achievement awards, including one at the Academy Awards and one at the Golden Globe Awards. He also had a noted military career and was a Vietnam War and World War II veteran, who rose to the rank of Brigadier General in the United States Air Force Reserve, becoming the highest-ranking actor in military history.

In 1991 he appeared in his last film role – as the voice of a character in the movie An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. James Stewart died on 2 July 1997 at the age of 89 at his home in Beverly Hills, California.

James Stewart Personal Details

  • Born Name: James Maitland Stewart
  • Age: Died July 2, 1997 at the age of 89
  • Date of Birth: May 20, 1908
  • Birthplace: Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Net worth: 18 Million
  • Official Website:
  • Official Twitter:

James Stewart Family Tree

  • Wife/Husband name: Gloria Hatrick McLean
  • Children:
    • Boy: Michael McLean (Adopted)
    • Boy: Ronald McLean (Adopted)
    • Daughter: Judy Stewart-Merrill
    • Daughter: Kelly Stewart-Harcourt
  • Father name: Alexander Maitland Stewart
  • Mother name: Elizabeth Ruth Stewart (née Jackson)
  • Siblings:
    • Sister: Mary Stewart
    • Sister: Virginia Stewart
  • Others:
    • Grandfather name: Colonel Samuel Jackson (Maternal)
    • Grandson name: David Merrill
    • Grandson name: John Merrill
    • Father-in-Law name: Edgar Hatrick

James Stewart Relationship History

Below is the relationship and dating history for James Stewart with his past and current girlfriend details.

James Stewart dated:

  • Phyllis Brooks – James Stewart dated American actress Phyllis Brooks.
  • Sonja Henie – James Stewart dated Norwegian figure skater and film star Sonja Henie.
  • Kay Aldridge – James Stewart dated American actress and model Kay Aldridge.
  • Dinah Shore
  • Lynn Remar
  • Denise Parker – James Stewart is rumored to have dated American archer Denise Parker. (RUMOR)
  • Mitzi Green – James Stewart dated American child actress Mitzi Green.
  • Shirley Ross – James Stewart dated American actress and singer Shirley Ross.
  • Yvonne De Carlo – James Stewart dated Canadian-American actress, singer and dancer Yvonne De Carlo.
  • Rosalind Russell (1926) – James Stewart dated American actress Rosalind Russell.
  • Carole Lombard (1929) – James Stewart dated American film actress Carole Lombard.
  • Claudette Colbert (1930) – James Stewart dated French-born American actress Claudette Colbert.
  • Margaret Sullavan (1932-1933) – James Stewart dated American actress Margaret Sullavan.
  • Janet Gaynor (1935-1936) – James Stewart dated American actress Janet Gaynor.
  • Jean Harlow (November 1935-January 1936) – James Stewart dated American actress Jean Harlow.
  • Joan Crawford (1936) – James Stewart dated American actress Joan Crawford.
  • Simone Simon (1936) – James Stewart dated French film actress Simone Simon.
  • Wendy Barrie (March 1936) – James Stewart dated English actress Wendy Barrie.
  • Eleanor Powell (July 1936) – James Stewart dated American dancer and actress Eleanor Powell.
  • Virginia Bruce (1937) – James Stewart dated American actress and singer Virginia Bruce.
  • Barbara Stanwyck (1937) – James Stewart dated American actress Barbara Stanwyck.
  • Norma Shearer (1938) – James Stewart dated Canadian-American actress Norma Shearer.
  • Ginger Rogers (1938-1939) – James Stewart dated American actress, dancer and singer Ginger Rogers.
  • Ilona Massey (1938) – James Stewart dated Hungarian film, stage and radio performer Ilona Massey.
  • Katharine Hepburn (October 1938-January 1939) – James Stewart dated American actress Katharine Hepburn.
  • Olivia de Havilland (1939-1942) – James Stewart dated Anglo-American actress Olivia de Havilland.
  • Loretta Young (1939) – James Stewart dated American actress Loretta Young.
  • Marlene Dietrich (1939)
  • Mary Beth Hughes (February 1939) – James Stewart dated American actress Mary Beth Hughes.
  • Rita Hayworth (October 1939) – James Stewart is rumored to have dated Music in My Heart co-star Rita Hayworth. (RUMOR)
  • Hedy Lamarr (1941) – James Stewart dated Austrian and American actress Hedy Lamarr.
  • Lana Turner (1941) – James Stewart dated American actress Lana Turner.
  • Dolores Moran (March 1943) – James Stewart dated American actress and model Dolores Moran.
  • Anita Colby (September 1945-August 1948) – James Stewart dated actress and model Anita Colby.
  • Martha Vickers (November 1945) – James Stewart dated American actress and model Martha Vickers.
  • Dorothy Lamour (1947-1948) – James Stewart dated American actress and singer Dorothy Lamour.
  • Ellen Ross (1947) – James Stewart dated American actress Ellen Ross.
  • Dorothy Ford (August 1947)
  • Joan Fontaine (1948) – James Stewart dated British-American actress Joan Fontaine.
  • Myrna Dell (1948) – James Stewart dated American actress, model and writer Myrna Dell.
  • Gloria Hatrick McLean (1948-February 1994) – James Stewart married former model Gloria McLean on 9 August 1949, and adopted her two sons. They had twin daughters together. Gloria Hatrick died of lung cancer on 16 February 1994 at the age of 75.

James Stewart Body Measurements, Weight Loss, Diet and Exercise Routine

james stewart height

James Stewart Body Measurements

  • Height in Feet: 6′ 3″
  • Height in Centimeters: 191 cm
  • Weight in Pounds:
  • Weight in Kilogram:

James Stewart Fun Facts

James Stewart Career Highlights & Awards

Air Force Pilot Badge:

  • Air Force Longevity Service Award
  • Armed Forces Reserve Medal
  • French Croix de Guerre
  • European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal
  • World War II Victory Medal
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • American Defense Service Medal
  • American Campaign Medal
  • Air Medal
  • Army Commendation Medal
  • Presidential Unit Citation
  • Air Force Distinguished Service Medal
  • Distinguished Flying Cross

James Stewart Quotes

“If I had my career over again? Maybe I’d say to myself, speed it up a little.”

“I’m the inarticulate man who tries. I don’t really have all the answers, but for some reason, somehow, I make it.”

“I have my own rules and adhere to them. The rule is simple but inflexible. A James Stewart picture must have two vital ingredients: it will be clean and it will involve the triumph of the underdog over the bully.”

James Stewart Interesting Facts

  • He was almost unanimously described by his coworkers as a kind, soft-spoken man and a true professional.
  • He had the reputation of a playboy.
  • One of his hobbies was building and painting model airplanes.
  • His signature charity event was The Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon Race, which raised millions of dollars for the Child and Family Development Center at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California.
  • He was a Second Class Boy Scout when he was young, and an adult Scout leader, which earned him the Silver Buffalo Award from the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).
  • He wrote homespun poetry.
  • He was a staunch Republican.
  • His final words were: “I’m going to be with Gloria now.”

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