James May Height

James May HeightHow tall is James May?

This presenter is 5 foot and 11.5  inches tall or 182cm tall, James is just under 6 feet in height.

Early Life and Career:

James May was born in Bristol on 16 January 1963.  He is a TV presenter, journalist and writer. James is best know for his role on BBC Top Gear, a car enthusiasts show. During the early 1980’s, May worked as a sub-editor for an Auto-car Magazine. 

Top Gear kicked off in 1988, James May first co-presented in 1999, however the show was axed the following year by the BBC because of poor viewership.  After a two year break in 2000 to 2002 James May rejoined the Top Gear crew in the new show format. Here he has been nickname “Captain Slow” owing to his careful driving style.  Top Gear has become one of the most watched TV shows on BBC and continued to please audiences by pushing the boundaries of what is possible in motor cars.

Still just interested in the height of James May? He stands at 5’11.5” tall or 182cm.

James May Height Comparison

Here is the cast of Top gear, as we can see Jeremy Clarkson is the tallest by a fair bit. James May (Left) stands at just under 6 feet tall or 182cm. Richard Hammond, claims 5’7” as his height but we do believe he is slightly shorter, more likely in the 5’6” range.

Top Gear Height James


  1. it is possible tha he is 5’11.5 and almost 6 feet coz jeremy is around 6’3″ if i recall. but still no matter the height these old guys really nailed it when it comes to height AHAHAHA i envy their GENES!!!

  2. its true that he is almost 6foot coz jeremy is around 6’4″ and i seen his profile too. they are a bunch of tall guys and its also true that richard is 5’7″ too, im really jealous of those heights AHAHAHA!

  3. No way Richard Hammond is even 5’6″…5’5″ on a good day.

  4. My view on his height = 5ft11

  5. Solid 6′ no more or less. Saw him in park in London and he had at leas 4cm on me who is 178cm

  6. I agree that he is not the full 6ft though. He can look just 5’11 at times next to Hammond, granted with poor posture, so 5’11.5 is quite possible.

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