Jackie Chan Height

Jackie Chan HeightHow tall is Jackie Chan?

He stands 174cm tall or 5 foot 8 inches in height.

The name Jackie Chan has been associated for a long time with Action and Kung Fu movies. Jackie Chan is a different breed since he has been acting and working behind the camera for the last few decades and is know for always doing his own stunt work. Many of his fans wonder,


Just like other mainstream actors, Jackie Chan is simply a stage name meant to be used when making movies. He was born Chan Kong-San. He started his education learning the intricacies of drama, singing, martial arts and acrobatics at a young age. He was once considered as the successor to the space created by Bruce Lee, but Jackie Chan took on a different route and came up with his own brand of martial arts. This move helped Jackie Chan established his standing in the industry, and boosted his presence to become one of the most popular action stars not just in Asia but in the US as well.


Jackie Chan’s first film was in ‘Big and Little Wong Tin Bar’. He also worked as a stunt man in a number of feature films including ‘Fist of Fury’, a major picture that starred Bruce Lee. When Bruce Lee died, a number of doors opened for Jackie Chan. He started cracking the Hollywood market with his movie called ‘Who am I’. He soon followed this up with a number of comedic and experimental films including ‘Shanghai Noon’ and ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. For more on Jackie Chans amazing career, check out his IMDB page here.

How tall is Jackie Chan? Jackie Chan stands at 5’8” or 174cm; however, he towers above the rest when it comes to his martial arts skills.

Jackie Chan Height Comparison

Here is Jackie Chan with 5 foot 5 inch Jet Li. As we can see Jackie is much taller.

Jackie Chan Short Height

Here is a shot from behind of Jackie Chan with Mark Wahlberg, as we can see he is around the same height as 5’7 Mark Wahlberg, perhaps just one inch taller.

How tall is Jackie Chan


  1. indeed jackie chan is that tall. or if i recall he was 5’6″ previously coz jet li is only 5’3″ LOL and he is one of the greatest actors of all time. even have a fitting body during his younger age. i dont mind he had that kind of height coz we are the SAME!

  2. Yeah Jackie is actually quite tall for an Asian star, close to 5’9″. He had 2 inches on Sammo Hung who is listed at 5’7″

  3. I used to think he was about 5 foot 6 but after watching a lot of his movies, I think he is about 172cm now. In his prime, he was close to 5 foot 10.5 I think. His body has taken a battering and he has lost some height. He is a few cms taller than jet li.

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