Jack Black Height

Jack Black HeightHow tall is Jack Black?

He is 5 foot 6 inches or 168 cm. Jack Black is one of the very few artists that you can call ‘all-around’. He can act, produce, sing, write and play. He even formed a comedic rock group with friend Kyle Grass called Tenacious D and is also part of loose comic actors called Frat Pack.


Jack Black was born Thomas Jacob Black on August 28, 1969 to parents Thomas William Black and Judith Cohen in Santa Monica, California. Jack’s parents are both satellite engineers and worked for the Hubble Space Telescope together. He inherited German, English, Scot-Irish, and Scottish ancestry from his father, as well as Judaism for religion. As a result, Jack attended Hebrew school and then Poseidon School for high school. He also attended Crossroads School and then UCLA where he dropped out in his sophomore year to eventually pursue his passion in entertainment.


Jack Black’s Pitfall! Commercial appearance in 1982 marked the start of his career. At the age of 13, how tall is Jack Black at that time? Not so tall but he had been cast in several television roles like Northern Exposure and The X-Files, as well as the un-aired Heat Vision and Jack before he was cast in another round of films for small roles. He was seen in the Waterworld, Enemy of the State, Mars Attacks! and The Fan among so many others before he appeared in John Cusack’s 2000 film High Fidelity. This is what Black considers as his breakout role.

He was soon cast as lead star in his following films, including the Shallow Hal, Year One and Nacho Libre among others. Jack Black’s starring role in School of Rock earned him critical accolades a Golden Globe Best Actor nomination for Musical or Comedy. Jack surprised the world when he starred in a dramatic role of King Kong’s 2005 remake. He also voiced for Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2, which he considered his favorites.

Still just interest in how tall is Jack Black? He is not very tall at all, only 5 foot 6 inches or 168cm in height.

Jack Black Height Comparisons

Here is Jack Black with 5 foot 9 inch Gwyneth Paltrow, as we can see he is a few inches shorter than the blonde beauty.

Jack Black Height

Here is 5’6” Jack with 6’4” Jason Segel and 5’7” Emily Blunt. As we can see next to Jason, Jack black looks very short.

Jack Black Height


  1. my favorite comedian of all time. can’t stop watching nacho libre AHAHAHAH! plus he is a versatile actor which can fit in any role. i don’t mind whatever height he had as long as he knows how to handle his roles well and on the other hand even he is fat it fits to be a hilarious fat guy on a comedy movie LOL!

  2. funny guy and i like him on goose bumps. even though he is short still a hilarious comedian. i agree that he is 5’5″ even seen it on the other sources. but it would be good if he loose weight a bit but thats what people knew him, fat guy and funny as ever AHAHAHAH!

  3. Hilarious guy with a good height LOL he is indeed 5’6″ and 5’5″ when barefooted LOL i dont mind that he is fat. he really fits to be a fat guy in any comedic scene. i miss watching nacho libre LOL!

  4. HAHAHAH thats what i wanted to say too that he is 5’5″ almost a small margin there LOL good actor with a funny height too and really really FAT! but funny as hell!!!! LOL!

  5. 5’5”. He’s shorter than listed by about an inch in height.

  6. In Nacho Libre, he is listed at a height of 5’5″ (onscreen) in the fighters showdown scene near the end of the movie.

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