J.Cole Height

How tall is J.ColeHow tall is J.Cole?

Do you often wonder, how tall is J.Cole? Jermaine Lamarr Cole aka J.Cole is 6 feet 3 inches tall or 190cm.


His mother was of European-American descent and his father had African-American. Both of J Cole’s parents served in the United States Army. Everything changed for the future music when his father left them. The rest of the family soon relocated to Fayetteville which is in North Carolina. He was then brought up by his mother and aunt.

Cole’s fascination and interest for rapping started in an early age. By 14, J Cole has already learned the foundations of word play and rhyming. He would constantly write tunes in his notebooks, something which his mother noticed and soon after took action. She bought him a beat machine that did help him produce his own music. He later started posting his music on lots of different internet forums using the “Therapist” as his moniker. For more on J.Coles Biography visit his Wiki here.

J.Cole height is 6’3″(190cm)

J.Cole Height Comparison

As you can see J.Cole has a few inches on fellow star Drake. Drake is 6 foot tall. How tall is J.Cole? He is above average height for a male.

how tall is j.cole


  1. Drake is 6’0 and J. Cole is 6’3-6’4

  2. More like 6 foot 2 in height. Drake is only 5 foot 11 so the height difference is right but J.Cole is a bit shorter than you think 🙂

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