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How tall is Iron Man?

OK, so Robert Downey Jr. is one of the stars whose height is hart to pin point. Sometimes he looks tall and other times very short. Explain this Marvel, how tall is Iron Man?

Iron Man Height is here:

Robert Downey Jr. (5’8″) next to Gwyneth Paltrow (5’8″ + she is wearing heels in the movie)

Clearly, Downey is taller than her here. Iron man must be quite a tall guy indeed.


Also in this action scene, we can see that iron man is taller.


But wait… here is real life.

Robert Downey real height

and again, check out the heels on his boots.

Robert Downey in heels

As we can see, there is hope for us all. You do not need to be 6 feet tall to star as a super hero. Robert Downey Jr. is actually only 5 foot 8.

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