Hulk Hogan Height

Hulk Hogan HeightHow tall is Hulk Hogan? 

Hulk has come out and said he is now 6 foot 4 inches tall or 194cm. The mean giant use to be quoted at 6 foot 7 inches or 201cm in height in his wrestling days.


Hulk Hogan was born Terry Gene Bollea on August 11, 1953 to construction foreman father Peter Bollea and homemaker and dance teacher mother Ruth in Augusta, Georgia. Hulk inherited French, Italian, and Panamanian ancestry. At a year and a half, the Bolleas moved to Port Tampa, Florida where Hulk played as a pitcher in the Little League Baseball. He was 16 years old when he developed a liking for the professional wrestling. He was Dusty Rhodes admirer and would regularly come to Tampa Sportatorium to attend cards. These cards inspired him to match the ‘inhuman’ look of “Superstar” Billy Graham.

Hulk Hogan also played electric guitar bass for several rock bands in Florida for 10 years before he eventually turned his attention to professional wrestling.

Early Life:

Terry Gene Bolleas spent his boyhood in Tampa, Florida after his family moved from Augusta, Georgia. He studied at the Hillsborough Community College and continued his schooling at the University of South Florida. He is a wresting fan as a boy and grew as a skilled musician, joggling music gigs and studies in college. Just before receiving any degree, Terry Gene dropped out to form Ruckus with two other Arizona based musicians in 1976. The bad become a local sensation soon enough in the Tampa Bay region.

When not playing in the band, Terry Gene would work out at Hector’s Gym to keep in shape. It was his physique that impressed tag team wrestlers Brisco brothers, just two of the wrestlers who frequented the bars where Ruckus plays. The brother asked Championship Wrestling trainer Hiro Matsuda to consider Terry Gene for a trainee. In 1976, Terry Gene became Hulk Hogan but it was after he quit Ruckus did Mike Graham, the CWF promoter Eddie Graham’s son accepted the Brisco Brothers’ request to put him in the ring.


Hulk Hogan’s professional wrestling career is a very long list. He started training in 1976 but entered the ring only in 1977 where he continued to wrestle to 1979, considering those years as his early years in the industry. He then moved to the World Wrestling Federation in 1979 to 1980, New Japan Pro Wrestling from 1980 to 1983 and 1984 to 1985, and American Wrestling Association in 1981 to 1983, and then eventually returns to the World Wrestling Federation in 1983 to 1993. The Hulkamania was also born in 1983 and lasted until 1984. And the list goes on.

Today, Hulk Hogan is considered a semi-retired professional wrestler, endorser, actor, entrepreneur, and skilled musician. How tall is Hulk Hogan? He stands at 6 foot 4 inches tall or 194cm.

Hulk Hogan Height Comparisons

Here is Hulk Hogan with Sylvester Stallone who is 5 foot 9 inches. As we can see Hulk is a fair bit taller.

Hulk Hogan height

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  1. In Feb 2005 Allure he said: “I used to be 6ft 7, but after knee, neck and back surgeries I’m now about 6ft 4”. When in actual fact he is about 6ft 3 now. Still a very tall dude.

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