Hugh Jackman Height

hugh jackman heightHow tall is Hugh Jackman?

This Hollywood stars height is 6’2” tall (188cm). Hugh is actually a very tall guy. Hugh was named People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2008.

Early life and Career:

Hugh was born in Australia in 1968. He is the youngest of five children, Jackman was 8 when his mother left the family, and he and his siblings were largely raised by their father. Hugh Jackman began his career on stage in musicals in Melbourne.  Hugh become an international success following his role as Wolverine in X-men. Other films his has starred in, include Swordfish, Kate and Leopold and Van Helsing. He then appeared along side Christian Bale in The Prestige (2006). For more on Hugh Jackman’s impressive career, check out his IMDB here.

Hugh Jackman Height Comparison

Here is Hugh with fellow X-men star Halle Berry, Halle is slightly above average height for a female, she stands at 5’6” tall.

Hugh Jackman height

Here is Hugh with Russell Crowe, Russell is average height for a male standing at 5’11” tall (180cm) as we can see Hugh has a few inches on Russell.

how tall is hugh jackman


  1. 6 foot 2 height in shoes. Maybe 6 foot real height?

  2. He’s still a solid 6’2”

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