How tall Is Vinny From Jersey Shore

how tall is vinnyLooking to find out how tall is Vinny from Jersey Shore? The 21 year old Guadagnino is known for partying hard and has a reputation in the family as the easy going type. He graduated from college with honours and also did quite well in school. Vinny from Jersey Shore height is 5’9” which is tall enough to have reached huge fame while starring in the MTV reality show.

The series, Jersey Shore is still going strong into its 5th season, where Vinny has been one of the most innocent of the bunch and still admired by his fellow female roommates. His first “pumped up kicks” dance is notoriously known and imitated around the country. MTV’s reality TV show, Jersey shore, would not be the same without him, as he seems to be a real nice down to earth guy. Coming into season 5, all his fans are eager to see more of their favourite Sicilian.


Vinny from Jersey Shore, is born in a traditional Italian family in Staten Island. He graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz. With plans to become a law graduate, the future reality star became an advocate for disenfranchised communities including LGBT teens and homeless animals. He has rescued and found homes for many animals in his local community and also appeared in a PSA for the ‘It Gets Better Project’.

Early life

During his college days Vinny Guadagnino planned on attending law school right after his graduation. It was then when a friend of his asked him to try his luck with the brand new MTV reality show Jersey Shore. The graduating student did have a backup plan and that was to actually go ahead and try his luck with the law degree he had in mind. Vinny did get approved for the show and this is how Pauly D, Snooki, Ronnie and The Situation all started on this crazy new show.


After Vinny joined the MTV series Jersey Shore, the first season saw him come out as a “good guy” as his fans called him. During the second season, Vinny got a better chance to show his skills as an entertainer instead of just studying in the background. He did show himself as a more outgoing and promiscuous person. The relationship in the household blossom and Vinny become one of the most favoured Jersey Shore cast member and soon women started calling him “Sweet”. But the Staten Islander recently has been getting into controversies. After his fight with a fellow class mate on July 3rd 2011 he was reportedly seen to quit the house during the filming of season 5.

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 Vinny From Jersey Shore Height Is 5’9″(175cm)

How tall is Vinny from Jersey Shore

Vinny is only a fraction taller than Jwoww who stands at 5 foot 8 inches.

how tall is vinny from jersey shore

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