How tall is Machine Gun Kelly

how tall is machine gun kellyWondering how tall is Machine Gun Kelly? The Ohio native hip hop artists who signed with P.Diddy’s “Bad Boy Records” and Jimmy Lovine’s “Interscope” is most famous for his mixtapes. Richard Colson Baker also known as Machine Gun Kelly height is 6’3”. An interesting fact is that in the end of 2011 the rapper was titled as “Hottest Breakthrough MC” by the MTV channel.


Richard Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly was born in Texas on the 22nd of April, 1990. His parents traveled a lot and the young rapper spent time in Egypt, LA, Denver, Ohio and Germany. Considering that Richard resided in Egypt for no less than 4 years it comes to no surprise that he learned Arabic before the English language. Mr. Baker began paying attention to the hip music ever since he was 12 years old. At the same time attended a mostly African American school situated in the city of Denver. As soon as Richard turned fourteen he relocated to Cleveland. Shaker Heights is the school that the artist graduated from.


In March 2009, just went Machine Gun Kelly was ready to call it quits, he attended the Apollo Theater. There the young performer managed to stack several consecutive wins thus making Richard the very first hip hop artists to actually triumph at the Apollo Theater. The young talent produces tunes in his self made studio room that he describes as the “Anger Cage”. Baker initially began to get publicity the moment he was listed on MTV2’s “Sucker Free” Freestyle show, where the aspiring rapper sang quite a few passages right from his “Chip Off The Block” track. It happened in February 2010, when Machine Gun Kelly introduced his very first mixtape called “100 Words and Running”. In May the same year, Richard made his countrywide debut having the single as well as the video clip for “Alice In Wonderland”. The singer launched his next mixtape in the fall of 2010 named “Lace Up” that included the home town hymn “Cleveland” that is performed whenever The Cavaliers plays at home. The mixtape “Lace Up” had been produced in over three months in the course of a imaginative burst. The successful singer is presently touring, and also has a solid a relationship with Juicy J who got Kelly to show up on his video “Inhale” that was created by Lex Luger.

2011, on the 20th of august Machine Gun Kelly formed by using his Twitter a gathering at Westfield South Park Mall located in Ohio. Following a number of notices by shopping center security guards not to jump on a table, the rapper continued to misbehave and was arrested by the Strongsville law enforcement officials alongside few of his friends. Several hours later, Kelly reported on social network Twitter the information that he was released. Furthermore the singer said “If perhaps enjoying a good time together with my supporters would mean that I must be detained then always keep the cuffs out.”

Let’s just wait for the rapper’s long awaited 2012 album and stop thinking about how tall is Machine Gun Kelly.

Machine Gun Kelly height is 6’3″(190cm)

How tall is Machine Gun Kelly – Height Comparison

MGK next to Drake. It is clear that MGK is a tall guy as he has a few inches on 6 foot drake.

how tall is machine gun kelly

MGK with 50 cent below. 50 is exactly 6 feet tall and as we can see MGK is three inches taller in height.

how tall is machine gun kelly

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