How tall is Lil Wayne

Lil wayne height, how tall is lil wayne?Caught wondering how tall is Lil Wayne? Often we wish to know such small details about our favorite celebs…so what is his weight and height? Lil Wayne height is 5 feet 6 inches tall & he weighs around 138 pounds.

Mr. Wayne is a very popular American rapper. He celebrates his birthday on the 27th of September & was born in the year 1982. He was in the past a part of the rap group Hot Boys.” Tha Block is Hot” was Lil Wayne’s solo debut, released in the year 1999. Some of his major work includes Tha Carter, followed by Tha Carter II & Tha Carter III to name a few. Lil Wayne was only 14 years old when he decided to drop out of school. He’s been put behind bars for use or ownership of marijuana as well as other drugs (2007).


Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. goes by the name Lil Wayne on stage. The North American rapper was born in the U.S. in New Orleans (Louisiana). He started rapping & singing when he was still in elementary school. He was just about nine years old when he linked with Cash Money Records to be their youngest ever member. His Platinum album (debut) titled Tha Block Is Hot sold over a million records in the States.

Lil Wayne’s next 2 albums titled Lights Out (in the year 2000) & 500 Degreez (in the year 2002) didn’t do equally well and became Gold status receivers. It was in the year 2004 that he reached new heights of popularity with Tha carter featuring the single titled Go D.J.

The sequel Tha Carter II came in the year 2005 followed by Tha Carter III that became his most triumphant album. The year 2010 saw his rock album debut titled Rebirth which went Gold. Tha Carter IV released on 29th august 2011 & sold 9, 64,000 records in States in the very 1st week! Lil Wayne’s featured on the Guinness Book of World Records in the year 2012 for the most U.S. hot 100 hits by a rapper with sixty-four hits between the year 1999 & 2010.

Early Life

Lil Wayne spent his early years in Holly grove vicinity of New Orleans, Louisiana. Lil Wayne came into his mother’s life when she was just about nineteen years old. At the time, she was working as s chef. Wayne’s parents separated when Carter was only 2 years old, his father abandoned his family permanently. Wayne signed up in the exceptional program at Lafayette Elementary School in a drama club at Eleanor McMain Secondary School.

Lil Wayne wrote his 1st rap song when he was 8 years old. Somewhere in the summer of 1991, Wayne met with Bryan Williams, who happens to be a rapper & Cash Money Records owner. Wayne recorded freestyle rap songs on Bryan’s answering machine, which lead him to guide the young Wayne and incorporate him within Cash Money-issued songs. When Wayne was 12 years old, he played Tin Man at a school drama club creation of The Wiz.

So we have told you how tall is Lil Wayne and we have let you in on his early life and his success!

Lil Wayne height is 5’6″(167cm)

How tall is Lil Wayne – Height Comparison

Shaq hand shake with Lil Wayne. Shaq is a monster and makes anyone look small but Wayne looks tiny at only 5’6” next to 7’1” Shaq

how tall is lil wayne

Lil Wayne is clearly shorter than 6’2” Jay Z behind and 5’8” T.I. to his right.

how tall is lil wayne

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