How tall is Dakota Fanning

how tall is dekota fanningCurious about how tall is Dakota Fanning? The Georgia native has been on the scene since early 2001 and has played in 29 movies so far. Hannah Dakota Fanning height is 5’4” and it is highly likely that the actress will gain some size by the time she turns 21. Some of the popular productions the young celebrity has starred in are “The Twilight” series, “Man of Fire” and “Hide and Seek”.

Early Life

Fanning started out performing when she was just 5 years old right after showing on a Tide TV advertisement. Dakota’s very first important acting position ended up being a guest appearance in the “ER” series hosted by the NBC, that continues to be certainly one of her most loved projects.

Dakota Fanning eventually had more than a few guest appearances on well-known TV series, like Spin City, CSI and The Practice. In addition she even played the main personalities of The Ellen Show and Ally McBeal as much younger girls. In the year 2001, Dakota was picked out to play alongside Sean Penn in the motion picture named “I Am Sam”, telling the saga of a mentally handicapped male who actually battles for the guardianship of his child (performed by Dakota).

Her part in the production made Dakota Fanning the most youthful individual ever to be considered to get a Screen Actors Guild Award. At the time she was only 7 years old. The young actress received “The very best Teen Actress” award courtesy of The Broadcast Movie Experts Organization.


In The Year Of 2010, Dakota appeared in the motion picture “The Runaways”, together with Stella Maeve, Kristen Stewart and Scout Taylor, where the young actress portrayed Cherie Currie, the head vocalist of the group. In 2011, Fanning shot “Breaking Dawn”, reprising the character of Jane a vampire from the powerful Volturi family. In late 2010, it was basically reported that Dakota Fanning will not be taking any main roles right up until she graduates from school in 2011.

Dakota’s voice was used in the movie “Rise”, a motion picture sponsored by The U. S. Figure Ice skating to point the 50th anniversary from the terrible crash of Sabena “Flight 548″ that led to the death of the whole United States team as well as termination of the 1961 World Ice skating Competition.

During the months of February and March in 2011 Fanning played as Annie in the production “The Motel Life”, said to be launched in somewhere in 2012. Throughout the summer months of 2011 the actress portrayed Tessa in “Now Is Good”. The exact same calendar year Fanning turned out to be the face of “Oh, Lola!” fragrance advertising campaign, however the advertisement was suspended in the United Kingdom for appearing way too racy. During the autumn of 2011 the now experienced Fanning played the lead role in “Effie”, a movie made by Richard Laxton, authored and co-starred by the talented Emma Thompson.

On the 24th of January 2012 it was in fact revealed the news that Dakota Fanning is no longer working with The Osbrink Agency and is now represented by WME or William Morris Endeavor. On that bombshell it is time that we stop thinking about how tall is Dakota Fanning and just enjoy her handy work.

How tall is Dakota Fanning – Dakota Fanning height is 5’4″(162cm)

How tall is Dakota Fanning – Height Comparison

Dakota next to Kristen Stewart in runaways. Even with her insanely high boots Dakota is still only as tall as 5’6” Kristen. Without those boots she would easily be a few inches shorter than Kristen. How tall is Dakota Fanning? Average height for a female.

how tall is dakota fanning

Dakota is quite short, check her out with her little sister. She is much shorter.

How tall is Dakota Fanning

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