How tall is Cameron Diaz

How tall is Cameron DiazAre you a fan who wants to achieve the same height with your favorite celebrity? Well, we cannot escape from the fact that it is our common nature to reflect ourselves with our idolized celebrity as we want to become like them in most of their features especially on their height. Surprisingly, there is no consensus or ideal height measurement for women but for celebrities it is a requirement so you can please and be appreciated with other people. One of the famous celebrities today is Cameron Diaz. Are you aware of her height? Well, you will be amazed with her as Cameron Diaz who is known for her blonde hair has a height measurement of 5’9” feet which enable her to become not just an actress but also a model.

Cameron Diaz attended the Long Beach Polytechnic High School. She was best described with an adventurous character, independent and tough kid when she was young. She left her home at age 16 and began her career as a fashion model to sustain her needs and expenses. Until she signed with top modeling agencies and spent almost five (5) years in different countries like Australia, Mexico, Morocco, Paris and Japan and open herself with a lot of modeling contracts before she enter the show business industry. She returned to Paris only when she was 21 years old.


Model star and actress Cameron Diaz was born on August 30, 1972 in San Diego, California. She is the second offspring of Bille which is an import-export agent and Emili Diaz who has an older sister Chimene and an older brother named Michele.

She auditioned for the movie “The Mask” and unexpectedly wins the role of a female lead opposite to Jim Carrey despite not having any experiences in acting. This film was renowned as one of the top ten highest grossing films since 1994 and Diaz was nominated for a lot of awards. For about two years, Cameron Diaz acted in very low salary because of low budget in films and refined her acting skills with minimal basic roles instead of taking those major roles. She returned to big screens with the movie “My best friend’s wedding” against Julia Roberts. This film turned out to be just like her first movies as another blockbuster. After this movie, she also conduct a movie of “There’s something about Mary” which established her as a full-fledge star with a major role after three big hits of movies in 90s.

Cameron Diaz began to be on top of the Hollywood and was known as one of the most sought after famous actresses in the show business list. She was nominated for Golden Globe awards as a famous actress for the film “There’s something about Mary”. For the movie “Shrek”, Cameron earned $10 million and in 2003 she became the third actress in the list to earn $20 million for a role in the film of “Full Throttle”.

Relationship and Love Affairs:

Cameron Diaz has been in and out for few relationships during her stay in show business. Initially, it was actor Matt Dillon whom she breaks up with in year 1998 then after Matt it was Jared Leto (singer/actor) from 1999-2003. She later dated Justine Timberlake from 2003-2006.

How tall is Cameron Diaz | Height Comparison

Here is 5 foot 9 inch Cameron with 5 foot 7 inch tall Tom Cruise. Tom is known for wearing lifts in his shoes.

Cameron Diaz Height

Here is another shot of Cameron, she is with 5 foot 11 Justin Timberlake, with heels on she is the same height as him.

Cameron Diaz real height

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