Harry Styles Height

How tall is Harry StylesHow tall is Harry Styles?

Harry Styles height is 5 foot 10 inches or 178cm. Harry Styles is one of the band members of pop group One Direction.

Biography and Career:

Harry was born on 1 February 1994 in England. He went to state school and is the youngest of two siblings, with an older sister. Harry Styles has become a popular star for females due to his baby face and long hair style. Harry is the youngest member of band One Direction, although one of the tallest members of the group.

One Direction was able to rise to fame through their participation in the popular competition show, “The X Factor.” They were able to make it through the first few rounds of the competition and were put together as a collaborative act instead of several solo artists. Through this collaboration, they were able to take the third place on this show. Although they were only third their popularity with the young female crowd escalated them into superstardim.

Harry has alot of media attention following his dating of much-older television presenter dated much-older television presenter Caroline Flack who was 33 at the time. This caused a ton of controversy in the media. Also Harry dated Taylor Swift, reportedly Harry and Taylor broke up in January 2013 after spending New Years apart. Although some may ask, who hasn’t Taylor dated? Dating Taylor made Harry one of the most searched and watched celebrities. 

Harry Styles height is 5 ft 10 in or 178 cm

Harry Styles Height Comparison

Harry Styles is the same height as ex Taylor Swift who stands at 5 foot 10 inches.

how tall is harry styles

Here is Harry Styles and the boys of One Direction at the VMA’s in 2013. As we can see Harry is clearly the tallest member by an inch.

Harry Styles Height Tall


  1. Harry is the tallest of the group!

  2. He’s a guy who wears a lot of heeled boots and probably has lifts inside those heeled boots as well. I’d say around 5’9ish.

  3. Just look on his shoulder he is taller than Taylor Swift.

  4. Time to get thin and claim 6’1″ lol ( i am 5’10” also)

  5. I love Harry, he is the perfect height. Wonder if he will keep growing with age :).

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