French Montana Height

french montana heightHow tall is French Montana?

This American rapper stands at 6’2” tall (189cm).

Early Life and Career:

French Montana was born in Morocco, but emigrated to the U.S. while in his teens. He set up shop in the Bronx. His real name is Karim Kharbouch and was born in 1984 on November 9th.  French Montana was the founder and CEO of Cocaine City Records. He has collaborated with the likes of Bad Boy Records and more recently with Rick Ross and the Coke Boys.

Still just interested in how tall is French Montana? He is 6’2” tall or 189cm in height.

French Montana Height Comparison

Here is French Montana with Wiz Khalifa. Wiz is 6’4” tall and as we can see he has a few inches on French Montana.

French Montana height

Here is French Montana with Machine Gun Kelly. MGC is 6 foot 3 inches tall and as we can see he is at least an inch taller than French Montana

How tall is French Montana

Here is French Montana with 5 foot 10 inch Khloe Kardashian, As we can see Khloe has 3-4 inch heels on and French Montana is still a few inches taller, clearly he is a tall guy.

French Montana Height

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  1. I would say his height is closer to 6 foot 1. He is a tall guy but not quite the full 6 foot 2.

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