Fergie Height

how tall is fergie

How tall is Fergie?

How tall is Fergie? The talented musician is 5’1” in height. She rose to fame with the trio girl group called the “Wild Orchid” and she soon thereafter joined the “Black Eyed Peas”.


With many successful hits behind her she hit it solo with her album “The Duchess”. The singer was chosen by “People” magazine, as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world during the year 2004. She is also the winner of the Best Female Artist of the year at The MTV awards in the year 2007. She has also been seen giving a singing platform for new comers.

Fergie was born to parents Terri and Pat Ferguson in Whittier, California as Stacy Ann Fergusson. She is of Scottish and Irish descent. She started her s career as a child actress in “Kids Incorporated”, which was a television program that started in the year 1983 and continued all the way to 1993.

Her music career started when she joined the all girl gang the “Wild Orchid”. She then joined the “Black Eyed Peas” where she tasted huge success as a vocalist. Fergie is also a rapper, a fashion designer and an actress. Her debut solo album “The Duchess” won her five Billboard Hot 100 top five singles, out of which three reached the first position.

The singer made a solo album – “The Dutchess”. It turned out to be a great move as the album was extremely successful, producing no less than six mega hits that all climbed the music charts around the world. She was also nominated at The Grammy for “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance”. Fergie also started acting again and recently made appearances in the movies “Poseidon”, “Grindhouse” and the musical film “Nine”.

Fergie is currently happily married and plans on focusing more on her personal life; hence no new solo albums are set to release. So, this is how tall is Fergie!

How tall is Fergie? Fergie height is 5’1″(155cm)

Fergie Height Comparison

Fergie next to 6 foot 3 husband Josh. Even with her high shoes it is clear she is over a foot shorter.

how tall is fergie

Here she is again with her Husband. He makes her look so tiny!

Fergie Height


  1. i think 5’2-5’3 is correct. she has good posture and a perfect body to make her look 5’6. Fergie is awesome!

  2. I have actually met her in person, i was in shock at how short shes..I stood beside her and i was taller than her.. i am 5’1 and i was wearing a one inch heel and she was wearing flats. i was about an inch taller… So i took off my shoes and we were the same height…

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