Eva Longoria Height

eva longoria heightHow tall is Eva Longoria?

This beautiful desperate housewife is actually surprisingly short. She stands at only 5’1” tall or 155cm.

Early life and Career:

Eva Longoria was born in 1975 on March the 15th in Texas. Eva was actually a beauty pageant contestant in her youth, she had some success despite her tiny height. Eva got a break out role in The Young and the Restlesss in 2001. This was just the start of her TV stardum. In 2004 she landed the role of Gabrielle Solis, the role she is most known for. Desperate Housewives shot Eva into super star status as the hot and sexy housewife.

Still just interested in how tall is Eva Longoria? This stunning beauty is only 5’1” tall or 155cm.

Eva Longoria Height Comparison

Here is Eva with The Soup host Joel Mchale, Joel is a tall guy standing at 6’3” tall and as we can see their is more than a foot difference in height.

how tall is eva longoria

Here is a good photo to really see how short Eva Longoria is. Eva and Marcia Cross are both in flat shoes. Marcia is a tall lady standing at around 5’9” tall or 175cm, as we can see Eva looks tiny confirming her height at no more than 5’1” tall.

Eva Longoria Height


  1. she kept making comments about how tall they were as she had to crane her neck up to look at them. The whole team wanted to hug her goodbye and she had to get on tip toes for most of them. Then the tallest bent down for a hug and picked her up in a great big hug. She looked so little as this 6’2″ 11 year old held her in a hug for a good while. I heard the other kids saying it was a bet but Eva was a great sport playing along swinging her feet back and forth as he held her. I’ll bet her feet were a foot off the ground. As he put her down she hugged him again looking up and saying “thanks for sweeping me off my feet”. I’m sure it was a real highlight for those boys to get to do that.

  2. I think she is so pretty and love how tiny she is. I like the way she owns being so short. She doesn’t hide it when she gets towered over by people. I saw her at a film festival one time and there was a youth basketball league there somehow connected to the film. They were 12 and under and wanted to take pictures with Eva. The team took pictures and then the 3 tallest kids took pictures with her and she was such a good sport she took off her heels and was letting them tower over her. The kids looked so pleased to be with this beauty and I’m sure feel like adults next to her.

  3. 2 inches can make a difference when talking comparing 5′ and 5’2″. Maybe not that dramatic when comparing 5’4″ and 5′”6 pretty because these are more average heights. Eva is not 5’2″, as much as she’d like to be. If 2 inches isn’t such a big deal, why doesn’t she just claim her real height? Anybody who sees her will know that she is barely 5 foot tall.

  4. I think that 4′ 10″ could be possible. She is frequently three inches shorter than Kim Kardashian in pictures and I imagine both are packing similar size heels.

  5. Eva – 5’0″ & 95lbs, a very short & tiny but also a very attractive woman.

  6. She looked 4’11 next to Seth Myers

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