Enrique Iglesias Height

Enrique Iglesias HeightHow tall is Enrique Iglesias?

This Spanish singer-songwriter is actually very tall, he stands at 6 foot 2 inches in height (188cm).

Early Life and Career: Enrique Iglesias was born in Madrid Spain on 8th May 1975. He is the youngest of three children. His birth name is Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler, Obviously this is just too long so he goes by just Enrique Iglesias. Music was always in the family as he is┬áthe son of popular Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. His first album came out in 1995, this was a Hugh success. By 2012 Enrique has sold more than 60 million records world wide and has some massive hits, including: “Bailamos,” “Rhythm Divine,” “Be With You,” “Escape,” “Maybe and “Hero”.

Still just interested in how tall is Enrique Iglesias? He stands at a massive 6’2” or 188cm.

Enrique Iglesias Height Comparison

Here is Enrique on the set of Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen. Charlie is 5 foot 10 inches (178cm) as we can see Enrique is a fair bit taller than him. It is easy to see he is well over 6 foot here.

Enrique Iglesias height


  1. ahahaha look at charlie sheen everybody thought that he is 6 foot but enrique dunked him on the height a bit further LOL! clear evidence folks than enrique is taller and its a true statement that he is 6 foot and 2 inches. loved the height and his songs too. not to mention that HOT BODY!

  2. 6 foot 2 seems fair, he is quite a bit taller than Charlie Sheen who is average height.

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