Emma Stone Height

How tall is Emma StoneHow tall is Emma Stone?

Emma Stone is 5’6” tall or 168cm. The celebrity is probably most recognized for her role in the comedy horror production “Zombieland”.


Emma Stone got her very first role when she was a teen in “Superbad”. Emma Stone is the leading female role in “The Amazing Spider-man“. She portrays Gwen Stacy, the seventeen-year-old girlfriend of Peter Parker. The motion picture is being filmed for more than a year now. Emma was deemed for the leading role in “21 Jump Street”, but decided to pass that opportunity and film Spider-man instead.

The actress joined up with the crew of “The Gangster Squad”, a movie created by “Zombieland” producer Mr. Fleischer. She will definitely once again perform together with Ryan Gosling.

Emma’s interesting tone of voice is a direct result of experiencing infant colic, a condition associated with continuous screaming as a baby, leading to the growth of nodules. Stone decided to go with the title “Emma” the moment she signed up for the “Screen Actors Guild” using “Emily Stone” and finding out that this particular name was currently used. As you can see the question “how tall is Emma Stone” is of little significance when we talk about such am incredible talent.

How tall is Emma Stone, Emma Stone height is 5’6″(168cm).

Emma Stone Height Comparison

Here Emma is next to Ryan Gosling. Ryan is 6’1” tall. Even with heels, Emma is a fair bit shorter. Emma is slightly above average height for a female.

how tall is emma stone


  1. I agree with this, I always thought she looked around 5’6″. Perfect height for a woman in my opinion. 🙂

  2. In my opinion I think she’s just 5’4”.

  3. She is about 5ft 1 not 5ft 6, why do celebs lie about there height.

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