Emily Blunt Height

Emily Blunt HeightHow tall is Emily Blunt?

Wondering, how tall is Emily Blunt? This English actress, best known for her role in The Devil Wears Prada and Salmon Fishing in Yemen is actually quite a tall chick, she stands at 5 foot 7 inches tall or 170cm.

Early life and Career:

Emily Olivia Leah Blunt was born 23rd of February 1983 in London. She is the second of four children. Emily shot to fame after the success of The Devil Wears Prada (2006). She then starred in The Adjustment Bureau (2011) and Looper (2012). She also won a Golden Globe Award for Gideon’s Daughter in 2007. Blunt was also made famous from a relationship with Canadian crooner Michael Buble’, the couple lasted 3 years from 2005 – 2008. In November Emily started dating John Krasinski and they married in 2010. Emily is expecting her first child in 2014.

Still just interested in, how tall is Emily Blunt? She stands at 5’7” tall (170cm)

Emily Blunt Height Comparison

Here is Emily with husband John Krasinski, John is a very tall guy at 6’3” tall. He is about 6 inches taller here as Emily is wearing heels.

Emily Blunt height

Emily Blunt is the exact same height as Tom Cruise, check her out below with Tom on their film, Edge of Tomorrow.

Emily Blunt height next to Tom Cruise

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  1. 5 foot 7 is an inch too much for her. My best guess at her height is 5 foot 6. One Inch below Tom, but still tall for a girl.

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