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how tall is ed sheeranHow tall is Ed Sheeran?

Wondering, how tall is Ed Sheeran? Edward Christopher ‘Ed’ Sheeran, is an English singer and songwriter. Ed stands at 5 foot 7 inches tall (171cm). He is on the lower side of average in terms of height.

Ed Sheeran is a new musical superstar. After the success of his debut album in 2011, Ed has become a household name. Ed Sheeran is the new breed of musicians, nicknamed the ‘Ginger Jesus’ he has moved popular music away from generic and repetitive to a unique style, utilization his vocal ability and talent.

Early Life:

Ed was born on 17th February 1991. Ed was raided in Framlinghom, Suffolk. However, Ed moved to London in 2008 to purse his career in music. Eds Father (John Sheeran) is an art lecturer and his mother (Imogen) is a jewelry designer. Ed has one older brother who shares some musical talent. His brother, Matthew, is a classical composer and music student graduate. Eds grandparents were of Irish descent. That explains his bright red hair.


Early 2011 marked the release of an Independent play project which caught the eye of Elton John and Jamie Foxx. Ed was soon after signed to Asylum Records. His album + (2011) contained the singles “A Team” and “Lego house” which have now been certified as quintuple platinum in the UK. As a new comer onto the music scene Ed has already won many awards. In 2012, Ed won 2 Brit Awards for Best British Male and British Breakthrough. In mid 2012, Sheeran began to rise to fame in the US. He has since made number of appearances with Taylor Swift and also written a song for One Direction, called little things. In such a short time Ed has become immensely famous and it doesn’t look like his career will be slowing down anytime soon. For more on Ed Sheeran’s career read his Biography here.

Still just wanting to know how tall is Ed Sheeran? Ed Sheeran Height is 5’7” or 171cm tall. 

Ed Sheeran Height Comparison

Here we have Ed next to 5’10” Taylor Swift. As we can see Taylor is 3 inches taller than Ed.

Ed with Sir Elton John, Sir Elton is known to be around 5’7” the same height as ED. How tall is Ed Sheeran? He is on the low end of average height for a UK male.

how tall is ed sheeran


  1. He looked barely taller than the Biebs, I am thinking he is about 5’7″. Although Bieber could be 5’6.5″

  2. He looks shorter .. like 5’6 tops. Not about 5’8. But that’s just me.

  3. He looks very close to Taylor Swift to me. Personally I’d say he is around 5ft 8 and she is about 5ft 8.75. I can’t see there being near two inches between them.

  4. He looks 5’7.5 on the dot, but if I had to choose between him being closer to 5’7 and 5’8, I’d say he’s closer to 5’8.

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