Donald Trump Height

Donald Trump Height

How tall is Donald Trump?

Wondering, how tall is Donald Trump? This Real Estate Billionaire and star of his own show called The Apprentice, is actually a very tall man. Donald Trump stands at 6 foot 2 inches in height (188cm). He is much taller than the average American.

Early Life and Career:

Donald John Trump was born 14th of June 1946  in New York, the city he still says is the best city on earth. Donald took a job along side his father, in 1971 he was involved in very large and profitable building developments in Manhattan. In 2004 after become a real estate success Donald stared his own show on NBC called The Apprentice. Following this he also starred in the Celebrity Apprentice. Donald is famous for saying “You’re Fired”.

Still just interested in Donald Trump’s Height? He stands at 6’2” tall or 188cm.

Donald Trump Height Comparison

Here is Donald with his Slovenian model wife Melania Trump. Melania’s height is 5 foot 11 inches tall (180cm) here we can see with heels on she is still shorter than Donald. This confirms that Mr Trump is a very tall man.

Donald Trump height

Here is Donald with his children at the opening of a Trump tower in the Philippines. As we can see Donald towers over the small Philippine businessman.

Donald Trump height tall


  1. He’d look much better running the country than unattractive Hillary and puny, communist Bernie, don’t ypu agree?

  2. strongly agree that he is 6’1″ but barefooted and 6’2″ if he wears any footwear. tall guy with a critic personality. but he is getting old though. but incredibly amazing on his age he can still maintain a good height AHAHAHA!

  3. He’s 6’3″

  4. 6′ 1″ height today.

  5. Peak height was 6ft 2¼in (189cm)”. Looking closer to 6ft1 these days.

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