David Schwimmer Height

David Schwimmer HeightHow tall is David Schwimmer?

Wondering, how tall is David Schwimmer? This Friends star is actually quite a tall guy, he stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall (185cm).

Early Life and Career:

David Schwimmer was born 02 November 1966 in Queens, New York. David Schwimmer had several small TV appearances before landing his major role as Ross on Friends. He starred in The Wonder Years and had a small role in NYPD Blue. David stayed with Friends for the full 10 year run, from 1994 – 2004. David also appeared in HBO Band of Brothers and has directed and acted on stage.

Still just interested in how tall is David Schwimmer? He is 6’1” tall or 185cm tall.

David Schwimmer Height Comparison

Here is David with 5 foot 5 inch, Jennifer Aniston. Even with her heels on she is still much shorter than him. David is a tall guy.

David Schwimmer height


  1. Schwimmer is a legit 6’1. He’s significantly taller than the rest of the cast of Friends. Matthew Perry is 5’11 and Schwimmer is at least a couple inches taller in photos, can look even taller in some.

  2. He doesn’t really seem to have 2 solid inches on Matthew Perry, but he does have a solid inch on him at least(like 1.25 inches), he towers on Jennifer Aniston as well. He’s taller than Brad Pitt. He’s 6’0.25 at worst, like me. Can easily get away with 6’1″.

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