Cristiano Ronaldo Height

cristiano ronaldo heightHow tall is Cristiano Ronaldo?

This famous footballer is 6 foot 1 inch tall. Ronaldo wight is approximatly 84kgs, His thin atheltic physique allows for his speed on the field.

Christiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer. He plays a forward for the Spanish club Real Madrid. Christiano Ronaldo become the most expensive footballer after he moved from his old Manchester United team, the transfer was worth $131.6 Million. His contract for Real Madrid pays him 12 million euro per year, making him one of the highest pay sports people in the world.


Ronaldo is considered by most to be one of the top footballers around. He holds a number of world records including records for most goals scored in a single season for Real Madrid, First top Euro league player to reach 40 goals in a season (2 years in a row). Real Madrid fastest player to reach 100 goals. He is the first player every to score against every time in a single season. In January 2013 Ronaldo pased his 300th club goal, an astonishing achievement to say the least.

Cristiano Ronaldo has contently been in the media for a combination of his football power, his good looks and for the women he has dated. Cristiano Ronaldo has Dated some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Still just wondering, how tall is Cristiano Ronaldo? Ronaldo is 6 foot 1 inch or 186cm tall. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Height Comparison

Here we have Cristiano with model ex girlfriend Nereida Gallardo. Nereida stands at 5’6” tall and as we can see Ronaldo is significantly taller than her.

how tall is cristiano ronaldo

Here is Cristiano Ronaldo with Russian model Irina Shyk. Irina is 5’10” tall, as we can see Ronaldo is still significantly taller than this Russian beauty.

how tall is cristiano ronaldo


  1. In some Pictures Ronaldo looks taller than Kaka, but in other pictures Kaka looks taller than Ronaldo. I think they are both the same height at 6’1”.

  2. Legit 6’1” guy, not a hair under it.

  3. 6’1” you gotta remember,everyone is half inch to inch taller than they are in the evening. This is a legit fact.

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