Ciara Height

Ciara HeightHow tall is Ciara?

Ciara stands 5 foot 8 inches tall or 173cm.

Ciara or Ciara Princess Harris was born October 25, 1985. Her father worked for the United States Army, and since the nature of the job was to move from one location to the next, the young Ciara also moved residences many times and in many army bases. Ciara has lived in New York, Utah, Germany, California, Arizona and Nevada. When she talked about these experiences, she said that these experiences are distressing since she has to say good bye to a lot of friends.

Her talent for performing and entertainment was seen during her mid-teens when she helped form the all-girl dance group called the Hearsay. The group eventually recorded a number of demos, but since they have different needs and requirements, the group finally parted ways. This development did not hamper the motivation of Ciara to pursue what she really wanted in life. Her first successful song was ‘Got Me Waiting’. She also managed to come up with a number of songs and also produced another successful hit called ‘1, 2, Step’.

Ciara’s career started to increase and grow in 2004 when she released her debut album called ‘Goodies’, and was a performer at Billboard. The song eventually stayed in the charts for the next 71 weeks. The song that was recorded with Petey Pablo was seen by many as the answer to then popular ‘Yeah’ song by Usher. This hit record paved the way for the success of Ciara in the music industry. She also managed to work with a number of rap and hip hop artists including Ludacris. Ciara also acted briefly in films, and this helped pad her resume.

How tall is Ciara? If you are still interested, then Ciara Princess Harris stands 173cm or 5 foot 8 inches.

Ciara Height Comparison

Here is Ciara with 5 foot 2 inch Kim Kardashian and her 5 foot sister Kourtney Kardashian. As we can see Ciara has a good 6 inches on Kim.

how tall is Ciara

Here is a photo of Ciara with Bow Wow, as we can see she is taller than Bow Wow who stands at 5 foot 7. Ciara with heels on is much taller than him.

Ciara height


  1. Surprised Ciara is only 5’8. She looks like she could be as tall 5’11.

  2. I would agree with 5 foot 8 as her height.

  3. How can she be that tall when she dated Bow Wow who is all of 5 ft 4?

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