Christina Aguilera Height

how tall is christina aguileraHow tall is Christina Aguilera?

This blonde singer/songwriter and television personality stands at only 5’2” (157cm) tall.

Known for her sexy outfits, Christina is a pop princess that loves to showcase her risky side. While Christina is know for her petite figure and sexy curves in more recent times she has been criticized for weight gain after the birth of her son.

Early Life and Career:

Christina Maria Aguilera was born 18 December, 1980 in New York. Her career began as a cast member of The All New Mickey Mouse Club, which was a great medium for young stars to find fame (both, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake started on this show). Her first real hit was from the single “Genie In a Bottle” which earned Christina a Grammy Award for best new artist. Shortly after this she released other massive hits including: What a girl  wants, come on over baby and Dirrty.

In 2010, Christina made her film debut in the musical Burlesque, which also starred Cher. She contributed the major hit to the movie “How Do You Burlesque”. In 2011 Christina signed on to the TV show The Voice as a judge/coach. This show also starred, Cee Lo Green, Blake Sheldon and Adam Levine. Following the season 3 finale, she announced she will leave the voice and noted a potential return in later seasons.

Still just interested in, how tall is Christina Aguilera? She stands at 5’2” or 157cm tall.

Christina Aguilera Height Comparison

Christina next to 6’4” Blake Shelton, Blake is a tall guy and as we can see towers over petite Christina. Cee Lo Green is a short guy and stands at 5’6.5” tall. As Christina is likely wearing heels she is nearly as tall as Cee Lo Green.

Christina Aguilera Height with other stars

Here we have 5’2” Christina next to 5’6” Cher and 5’0” Kristen Bell. As we can see 5’2” is correct for Christina as she is slightly taller than Kristen and a fair bit shorter than average height Cher.

how tall is christina aguilder


  1. She now claims 5’3? Yea right. She use to always claim 5’2 and that seemed a bit too much. 5’1 seems right. Not sure with as low as 5’0 though. Looks taller than just 5’0…

  2. Chrisitina is 4’11 put that down because that appears to be the truth no wonder shes lied so much… shes very insecure about her height and as a short petite woman my height tends to bother me from time to time as well..

  3. She does not look as short as 5 foot 2 to me.

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