Christie Brinkley Height

christie brinkley-heightHow tall is Christie Brinkley?

Wondering, how tall is Christie Brinkley? Christie Brinkley stands at 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm, which is an above average height for a female.

Christie Brinkley was born on February 2, 1954 in Monroe, Michigan. Christie Brinkley is an American model an actress. Christie Brinkley gained worldwide fame in the beginning of the late 1970’s where she was featured in three consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue through 1981. For twenty five years she has been the face of CoverGirl one of the longest running cosmetics contract of any model in history of modelling. Christie appeared in over 500 magazine covers and signed contracts with major brands both fashion and non-fashion. Christie Brinkley went to work as an actress, illustrator, television personality, photographer, writer and designer. She is also an activist for human, animal and environmental rights.

She was also married four times to one of the notable musicians Billy Joel where she appeared in her music videos. Her fourth and last marriage was to architect Peter Cook which also ended and publicized divorce (2008). She also worked for more than three decades in magazines such as Allure, Playboy and Men’s Health where she was named as one of the most attractive women of all time. Her financial holdings in 2008 were worth an estimated of 80 million USD. In February 2012 she was ranked as third in the Daily Mail list “World’s 20 richest models.”

Still interested in Christie Brinkley height? Christie Brinkley’s height is 5 feet 9 inches or 175cm.

Christie Brinkley Height Comparison

Here is a photo of Christie Brinkley with Kelly Rutherford whose height is 5 feet 8 inches. As we can see Kelly looks taller than Christie but she’s wearing high heels. In fact Christie is 1 inch taller than Kelly.

how-tall-is-christie brinkley


  1. yahhh bro really sexy and gorgeous shes even tall too but shes really aging now. looking at the first picture who wouldn’t get attracted to those rosy skin and a tall woman like her fits to be a model. very GORGEOUS!

  2. woww shes getting old now. during those days she was really a hot model. but now i could see those wrinkles on her skin LOL. almost all models have that kind of height, 5’9″ is already a tall height for a girl. from the looks of it she had a C cup size too. Tall woman with a sexy BODY!

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