Christian Bale Height

Christian Bale HeightHow tall is Christian Bale?

Are you wondering, how tall is Christian Bale? This multi-talented movie star has been in some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood history. He stands at 5 foot 11.5 inches (182cm) tall. Christian Bale is most well known for his fantastic performance as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s films.

Early Life and Career:

Christian Bale  was born 30 January 1974 in Wales. Christian Bale was destined for Hollywood from a young age, he landed his first commercial at the age of only 9. Soon after this he Steven Spielberg cast him as a young actor in Empire of the Sun (1987), a World War 2 drama. After a few supporting roles Christian Bale broke out into mainstream fame with his scary portrait of a serial killer in American Psycho in 2000.  Christian Bale has starred in a multitude of films since then and in 2005 he went on to get his biggest role yet in Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

Still just interested in how tall is Christian Bale? He stands at 5 foot 11.5 inches (182cm)

Christian Bale Height Comparison

Here is Christian Bale with fellow Batman stars. As we can see he is slightly shorter than Morgan Freeman who has been quoted at 6 foot 2 inches in his prime. With age he may have shrunk slightly.

Christian Bale Height

Here is Christian Bale with Model and Actor Isabel Lucas, Isabel is 5 foot 6 inches tall (168cm). As we can see Christian is clearly not over 6 feet tall. He looks about 5 inches taller than Isabel.

Christian Bale Height Tall


  1. AHAHHA this site really gives out the pure detail of the height. indeed is 6 feet lets just round that off. he had a good height for a batman role. but i like adam west better as batman. but seriously he is really TALL!

  2. 6’0 is what he is, never looked shorter and never seems to wear lifts.

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