Chris Hemsworth Height

chris hemsworth heightHow tall is Chris Hemsworth?

Wondering how tall is Chris Hemsworth? This Australian actor stands at 6’3” tall or 191cm. Chris is a very tall guy, and stands taller than most in Hollywood.

Early Life and Career:

Chris was born on 11/08/1983 in Christchurch, New Zealand. He grew up in Melbourne Australia. In 2004  he got his first role in Home and Away, an ozzy soap. He appeared in 171 episodes of the show. Chris become a household name after moving to the US and landing the iconic role of Thor. Chris backed on muscle for the role and then later appeared in The Avengers as part of the superhero line up. Chris Hemsworth married Elsa Pataky in 2010.

Still just interested in how tall is Chris Hemsworth? He stands at 6 foot 3 inches tall or 191cm. 

Chris Hemsworth Height Comparison

Here is the cast of The Avengers. As we can see Chris is the tallest of the guys. Tom Hiddleston, who played Loki, is 6’2” tall and as we can see Chris is marginally taller than him.

how tall is chris hemsworth

Here is Chris with little brother Liam Hemsworth. As we can see both brothers are the same height and stand at 6’3” tall.

Liam Hemsworth Height Tall


  1. Definitely 6’3 nothing below this listing. He’s a big and tall dude

  2. A solid 6’2” or a weak 6’3”.

  3. He is realy tall but he isn’t more than 189 cm you cant see more than 2cm difrent between him and tom hidelleston… 189cm 190cm max

  4. Just seen the new avengers film and he looks a good half a head over Chris Evans. Solid 6’3.

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