Chris Brown Height

how tall is chris brown

How tall is Chris Brown?

How tall is Chris Brown? The multi-talented American based singer songwriter is 6 feet 1 inch tall.

Born in 1989, this singer and song writer has an immense talent that led to him starting his career so early and achieving colossal success right from the very beginning. According to Chris Brown, if he did not become a singer, he would probably be a basketball player.

Chris Brown was born in Virginia, USA to Clinton Brown and Joyce Hawkins. His father is a correction officer and his mother is a former day care director. Chris Brown started his career at the early age of 16 and he was good at what he did. His first single “Run it” topped the Billboard Hot 100. His second album named “Exclusive” brought forth 2 hit singles “Kiss kiss” and “With you”.

No matter how much his career was influenced by his personal setbacks, Chris Brown continues being the rising star with high hopes on his future albums. As far as the question ‘how tall is Chris Brown’ is concerned, one should be more impressed by his nerve to continue being a rock star even after the serious setbacks he has encountered.

How tall is Chris Brown? Chris Brown’s height is 6’1″(185cm)

Chris Brown Height Comparison

Chris Brown next to 6 foot friend Tyrese Gibson. Chris is clearly a little bit taller making him 6 foot 1 inch.

how tall is chris brown

Here is Chris Brown with 5’8” Rihanna, as we can see he has 5 inches on Rihanna who is quite the tall women.

How Tall Is Chris Brown


  1. Just saw a clip of him and 50 Cent talking in a dressing room..if 50 is listed at 6ft 0inch then he def is 6’2″-almost 6’3″ because he was at least two inches taller than 50 Cent.

  2. Agree, he is 185cm , 6ft1inch BAE

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