Chris Bosh Height

Chris Bosh HeightHow tall is Chris Bosh?

Wondering how tall is Chris Bosh? This Miami Heat star stands at 6 foot 9 inches tall or 211cm.

Early Life and Career:

Christopher Wesson Bosh was born on March 2, 1984 in Dallas, Texas. Basketball became a reality for Chris when he reached the 6 foot 7 mark as a sophomore at high school. Chris become an NBA star and appeared in 586 games during his eight-year NBA career and has made 574 starts.

Still just interested in how tall is Chris Bosh? This star is 6’9” tall or 211cm tall.

Chris Bosh Height Comparison

Here is Chris with 5 foot wife Adrienne Bosh. As we can see their is such an incredible height difference between the two.

Chris Bosh Height

Here is Chris Bosh with Lebron James, Lebron is 6’8” tall, a very tall guy but Chris is slightly taller.

Chris Bosh Height

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  1. Wow he is so tall. Check out the photo with his wife, she looks like a doll next to him.

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